When you think of SCUBA diving, land-locked Leicester isn’t an immediately obvious choice... but in fact it’s absolutely PERFECT! Not only are we centrally placed for all our coasts, but we have on our doorstep probably the best inland training site in the country!

The Inland Sites


Stoney Cove
Our close proximity to the Cove allows us to carry out year-round training, and with multiple underwater features from 6-35m and generally good visibility, members of our club can be found diving here almost every weekend of the year.


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Swithland Wood
A disused slate quarry in the Charnwood forest.  LUEC has special dispensation to dive this site, which provides sheltered water depth progression to 50m.

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Near Peterborough about an hour away, this former brick pit has easy shore access.  For reasons unknown, we don't have any photos of this one, so check out their website.

Gildenburgh Diving website

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Dosthill Quarry
Diving has been going on at Dosthill since it started in 1958. In 1981 the site was bought by the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and it became their National Dive Site. The BSAC then sold it to Ian Forster in 1988 totalling then, and still, 2 national dive sites in Ian’s ownership, Dosthill Quarry near Birmingham, and Gildenburgh Water near Peterborough.

Dosthill Diving website

A bit further afield (nearer Manchester) but an interesting change with some good underwater features and easy access from the car park.

Caperwray Diving website

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NDAC Chepstow
One of our current favourites, a bit further away but still easily accessible. It has underwater features from 6-50m.


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The UK Coastal Sites

Our central location also allows us to dive on sea sites from Scotland to Cornwall.  This diversity of  locations gives us the opportunity to explore a variety of habitats supporting very different marine species, and also to see many different wrecks.

How do we reach these sites?  Well we have a state of the art dive boat, Vixen, which allows us access to sites commercial hard-boats don’t always offer... and, crucially, it’s much cheaper!


Diving Abroad

Members of the club often arrange dive trips to destinations abroad, so we can dive with people we know and trust and have a good time on holiday with friends.  What's not to like?!

Places we've been include: The Maldives, South Africa, Mexico, Cuba, various parts of the Red Sea, Malta, Cyprus, Canada and the Baltic.  Everyone's got their own stories about these trips, which are always great experiences.  Check out the gallery for a few tasters.