LUEC is affiliated to the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) the UK National Governing Body for Underwater Activities.

We follow the internationally recognised BSAC training syllabus and have a number of accredited (and enthusiastic!) instructors. 
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Divers who are already qualified with another agency can crossover to an equivalent BSAC qualification and continue their training on the BSAC route.  

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information about this.

Diver Training Courses

Ocean Diver

An entry level qualification providing essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare you for open water diving. This course consists of six theory lessons and their assessment on the basic principles of SCUBA diving, and following your dry-side instruction, a minimum of 5 sheltered-water lessons acquiring basic SCUBA skills are carried out in the pool. You will be taught by one of our Instructors and you can progress at your own pace : any equipment you need can be hired for a modest fee from the club during these sessions. Five Open Water Instruction dives are then undertaken accompanied by one of our nationally qualified Open Water Instructors to further consolidate your diving skills. These are usually at the sheltered dive site at Stoney Cove.

For further information please see BSAC - Ocean Diver

Sports Diver

BSAC Sports Diver training builds on the scuba skills you learned in the Ocean Diver course. The Sports Diver course consists of five Theory Lessons and their assessment on the basic principles of SCUBA diving, a pool lesson to revise and practise rescue skills in the water, and five open water instruction dives to further develop your SCUBA skills and to broaden your experience (usually on club dives at Stoney Cove, overseen by one of our nationally qualified Open Water Instructors).

For further information please see BSAC - Sports Diver

Dive Leader

As a BSAC Dive Leader you are are becoming an expert in the field of dive leadership. You will also be competent in planning dives for groups of divers and managing the diving on dive trips including if necessary, managing rescue situations. You will learn dive leadership skills through 12 classroom lessons, 7 open water training dives, 2 dry practical lessons and 20 dives (which may include the open water lessons) in a range of conditions.

For further information please see BSAC - Dive Leader

Advanced Diver

A BSAC Advanced Diver is a diver who is comprehensively trained, experienced and responsible and who can manage and supervise a wide range of adventurous and challenging diving activities, including diving expeditions to explore unfamiliar locations and the utilisation of developing technology and diving techniques.  Training comprises four classroom lessons, two open water lessons, two dry practical lessons and 20 dives in a wide range of conditions.

For more information on the Advanced Diver course see BSAC - Advanced Diver